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There are recruiters
and there are "job fillers."
We like to differentiate ourselves.


Headquartered in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, CE Staffing partners with companies to build their teams and equip them with the necessary capabilities to build remote teams throughout the US. Our clients love the fact that we can service all their needs including contract, temp, and direct-hire placements, and we do so by building long-term relationships with client success in mind.


We are a staffing agency focused on providing an unmatched level of quality. The skilled, dedicated employees at CE Staffing direct us toward finding the highest quality of candidates. In turn, we place these top-notch candidates within the workforces of our select clients to foster a professional growth and development of the highest caliber.


Our goal is to successfully match the values of a company with those of a qualified candidate. What are the key motivating factors driving both company and candidate? Will they match up wonderfully and simultaneously complement one another for the long-term? Those are big questions, and therein lies a big responsibility. It is exactly that responsibility, that challenge to succeed, upon which all of us here at CE Staffing Staffing thrive.

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